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You Got To Be Shitting Me Entry #94
December 21, 2013

Sometimes a man just needs a sandwich.

On Sunday, a New York-bound flight was reportedly delayed for more than two hours as the pilot waited for a sandwich to be delivered to him.

Pakistani newspaper The Nation reported that Pakistan International Airlines pilot, identified as Flight Captain Noushad, refused to leave Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore until his sandwich arrived from a five-star hotel in the city.

Noushad reportedly stated that he “needed sandwiches at any cost”– after learning that the inflight menu did not include the gourmet treats and had only peanuts, chips and cookies. The pilot continued to demand the sandwich even after he was informed that it could take as long as two hours to get one from the hotel.

Flight 711 from Lahore to New York, via Manchester, was all set for an on-time departure at 6:45 on Dec. 15. Due to the pilot’s food craving, the flight did not leave until 9:15 a.m. — a two-and-a-half hour delay.

Airline spokesman Mashhood Tajwar told The Nation that “management had taken a serious notice of the delay of an international flight” and an investigation has been ordered and action will be taken against those responsible for it.

Although, from the looks of it, it seems to be a pretty open-and-shut case of a man and his sandwich.


You Got To Be Shitting Me Entry #50

April 27, 2012

By Eric Pfeiffer | The Sideshow

A British man saved his own life by using a kebab sandwich to stanch a critical wound after having his throat slashed.

The BBC reports that James Hobbs, 37, was suffering from massive blood loss after being stabbed by Jamie Edney, 36, during a fight outside Hobbs’ apartment.

The Sun’s website has a picture of Hobbs holding a kebab sandwich after his ordeal.

Edney has reportedly been sentenced to five years in prison for the near-fatal five-inch-long throat slashing. The fight started when Hobbs accused Edney of having an affair with his girlfriend.

Hobbs lost five pints of blood during the January 2011 altercation before a stranger handed him the sandwich to help stop the loss of blood. He was forced to use the sandwich as a bandage for several minutes before his cousin was able to find a towel to use as a replacement.

Hobbs ended up needing 27 staples in the hospital emergency room to seal the wound.

Despite sentencing Edney to the half-decade prison term, Judge Michael Longman expressed sympathy for him, noting that Edney did not provoke the confrontation.

“I accept that you did not go looking for trouble. It was not begun by you,” Longman said to Edney in the courtroom.  “It was Mr. Hobbs who came to your door and he did so in a temper.”

However, Longman added, “To answer the door holding the knife was asking for trouble … you selected the knife intending to intimidate.” Longman reportedly said the five-year sentence was the shortest he could administer as punishment for the crime.